Orange Crush OMB is specifically formulated to keep pace with today’s safety and environmental regulations. Powerful degreasers and cleaners, coupled with natural oils and citrus extracts are specially blended to out perform the conventional hazardous solvent degreasers. This multi-purpose product instantly emulsifies tar, asphalt, grease, oils, and fats as well as dissolving adhesives without the use of harsh acids, alkalines or petroleum solvents. This allows for a wide variety of uses, with a great alternative to the more costly Orange Crush Premium. Use industrial strength Orange Crush for general maintenance, use to clean all surfaces which are not harmed by water alone.

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  • Emulsifiable
  • Environmentally Preferred
  • Contains no Harsh or Chlorinated Ingredients
  • Pleasant Orange Fragrance

Orange Crush OMB Citrus Based Degreaser is the perfect product to win the against the constant accumulation of grease and tar in the mining, oil, and gas industries, a high-powered degreaser is necessary. No matter the temperature or turbulence around an oil rig, this product will effectively eliminate grease and tar in the extreme conditions of the oil fields. 

Though the Orange Crush OMB Degreaser is certainly wonderful for eliminating stubborn tar and asphalt as well as wireline grease on heavy equipment. NuTech Specialties Inc. also offers a full line of water-based concentrate degreasers, that can be also used in the shop, on floors, and on oil field tools.

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