NuTech Specialties of Salt Lake City, Utah

Stop looking for the best industrial and commercial cleaning products at the most competitive prices—that’s NuTech’s Specialty. of Salt Lake City, Utah. Every single member of the NuTech team uses these products, knows exactly how they work and is committed to educating our customers on the best compounds for their unique needs. Need customization or a special order? NuTech facilities will quickly manufacture and ship customized products that are designed to specifically match your needs. Every customer, business and industry is unique. Your cleaning solutions should match. Industrial cleaning products have a tough job—they need to be easy to use, safe and proven effective. From spill containment to facilities maintenance products, NuTech carries a vast line of cleaners that are up for any task at hand. Grounds maintenance, shop supplies, pressure washing cleaners/degreasers and automatic car wash soaps, waxes and appearance products are just a smattering of what we manufacture per customer specifications. When it comes to cleanliness, you (and your customers) deserve only the best.


Scrubbing Behind What We Offer
It takes more than understanding the makeup and design of a product to keep customers informed. At NuTech, we believe in getting “down and dirty” to discover first hand just how powerful these industrial and commercial cleaners are. Even more importantly, they’re safe, tested and user-friendly. Expert knowledge is just one part of the equation. Learning by doing is paramount, which is why NuTech employees are always the first to try out the products so we can inform our customers through personal experience.

As a customer, you’re guaranteed the best in service, the highest quality products and superior customer service at NuTech. While we understand that personalized inventory and a competitive price is important, you also deserve the kind of service that you give your own customers. NuTech is happy to answer questions, work with you to customize the ultimate cleaning product, deliver your product to you and we’re always available to aid in making your solutions the best they can be. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it—and with NuTech at the helm, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting only the best.

Rely on Nutech—the company with a “squeaky clean” reputation.