When Art Georringe was just an infant he burned his hand from a large iron and received skin grafts that he would have to learn to cope with for the rest of his life. As a teenager he worked with his grandfather at a service station where he would deal with greasy hands and struggled to find a suitable hand cleaner that would not only get rid of the grease, but not irritate his skin grafts in the mean time. Georringe enjoyed the work he did with his grandfather and went to college to receive a degree in automotive and applied mechanics.

         After receiving his degree he applied with a local school district and worked there for 30 years, but trying to find a hand soap that did that job proved to be a difficult task. ” I used an orange citrus soap that you would rub on before water, but the residue would stay on my skin. It would burn and irritate my skin all day. I found a  different really mild hand cleaner that would tingle, but wouldn’t clean my hands very well.”  Georringe says. After trying various samples of all different kinds of hand cleaner the search seemed hopeless. “When Ashlee (NuTech Specialties Salt Lake Area Manager) came in she brought in a sample of Knock Out Hand Cleaner.” Georringe says. After a long search with very little success in between Georringe mentioned that he expected the same results. “I have never used a better soap. It is gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate my skin grafts, but can still scrub of the grease off my hands. We have been using NuTech ever since.” Georringe says. 

       Our Knock Out Solvent Free Hand Cleaner has the ability to clean grease with cosmetic grade walnut shells without petroleum solvents found in other industrial hand cleaners. Cleans hands with twice the results while only needing half of the soap. 

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