Grease is an occupational hazard when it comes to mining, oil, and gas. There’s no way around it: grease is bound to occur when these natural substances are involved. Over time, grease can build up on equipment related to virtually every step in the mining process.

This means that degreasers can eventually become necessary for everything from shop floors to heavy equipment, and using the right degreaser is critical. An ineffective product simply adds insult to injury, as workers still won’t be able to complete their work.

Without proper degreasing, an oil rig or associated plant can become dangerous for employees. These residues can make it difficult for workers to perform their jobs effectively, leading to disasters like oil spills and worker injuries. 

Fighting the Constant Grease Battle

In order to win out against the constant accumulation of grease in the mining, oil, and gas industries, a high-powered degreaser is necessary. NuTech Specialties offers precisely that with their Orange Crush OMB Citrus Based Degreaser.

This citrus based degreaser was designed specifically to function well in the extreme conditions of oil fields. No matter the temperature or turbulence around an oil rig, this product will effectively eliminate grease.

When grease is no longer a factor, there’s no concern about employees being unable to work as they’re meant to. Plus, a higher level of safety can be achieved, which translates to a happier workforce.

Though the Orange Crush OMB Degreaser is certainly wonderful for eliminating wireline grease and accumulation on heavy equipment. NuTech Specialties Inc. also offers a full line of water-based concentrate degreasers, that can be also used in the shop, on floors, and on oil field tools. Simply put, our full degreaser line is a utility player that amps up the efficiency of any oil, mining, or gas operation.

Managing Grease Inside the Shop

Not every grease situation requires the kind of hardcore degreasing power provided by NuTech Specialties’ Orange Crush OMB Degreaser. Some grease, like that which tends to accumulate inside shops, can be handled through simpler means.

Some simple ways to eliminate this sort of grease include:

  • Big Red ED
  • Aerosol Citro-solv and similar products
  • Absorbents and rags
  • Hand cleaner and wash soaps
  • Gloves and protective gear
  • Spill Containment

Luckily, these methods are available through NuTech as well, so tough-to-manage wireline grease and run of the mill shop issues can both be mitigated through the use of NuTech products.

Grease isn’t just unsanitary, it’s also unsafe. There’s no reason to let grease run amuck when it can be easily managed through the help of NuTech’s Orange Crush OMB Degreaser.