If someone mentioned a year ago that our country along with the entire world would enter a global pandemic most people would’ve thought that they had been reading too much science-fiction. And yet to a lot of disbelief and as surreal as it seems here we are. Here at NuTech Specialtes Inc., we have made it our number one priority to help keep our employees, our customers and our environment safe during these difficult times.

What we are doing for our employees

                                Since our main priority is to keep everyone safe we have implemented different protocols to ensure the safety of our employees by cutting down on our employee customer interaction to ensure that social distancing protocols are being met, and to also cut down the spread of COVID-19. Some of the ways we have done this is by having our sales team work from home and by also having our drivers receive verbal signatures/approval when dropping of orders. We have handed out masks and gloves to all our employees and have hand sanitizer laid out around our office and warehouse for each employee to have access to.

What we are doing for our customers

                We are not going to stop with just our employee’s, we want to help our customers stay safe as well as our community. We are manufacturing our “Alcohol Hand Cleaner with Aloe” to help our customers stay safe and sanitized to slow the curve of this pandemic. During the crisis of COVID-19 we are also aware that there have been two boil water orders in neighboring cities we want to help our community by offering to sell bottled water available by the case or the pallet. Not only are we willing to protect our customers, but we also want to help our environment by making sure the bottles we sell are reusable.

Our plans for the future

                We are aware that this won’t go away in a day and we are constantly looking for new ways to help protect our customers from this invisible invader. We will continue the production of our Alcohol Hand Cleaner.  We will soon start offering building sanitization services for any of our clients/accounts. We will spray down your building with a sanitation spray to help keep you business safe for your employees, and your customer.

If you would like to learn more about any of our exciting products please feel free to submit a comment below.