NuTech Specialties, inc.

Industrial Chemical Manufacturer

Providing innovative, environment-friendly chemical solutions for over 30 years. We manufacture and distribute industrial, maintenance and institutional cleaning supplies and products.

Industrial Cleaning Products To Take On Any Task

Safe, tested and proven effective. From spill containment to facility maintenance, NuTech carries a vast line of cleaners that are up for any task at hand.

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Highly Formulated Degreasers

Extend the life of your equipment with citrus-based degreasers. Heavy-duty, highly-concentrated degreasers for removal of tar, grease, odors and more.

Car Wash And Detail Line

Level up your service with biodegradable chemicals and one step cleaner.  Top-quality, non-toxic, all-purpose cleaners.

Acid Cleaners

Clean concrete trucks, mixing equipment, tile surfaces and more with our BioTech cleaning solutions.

Service Products

Keep your vehicles running smoothly with our ECONO windshield washer solvent and various brake parts cleaners.

Best Sellers

Citrus-Based Degreaser

Orange Crush – DBT, OMB, Premium

  • Citrus based product

  • Quickly removes tar, asphalt, adhesive

  • Emulsifies with water

  • Wireline grease remover

  • Degreaser

  • Pleasant orange fragrance

Water-Based Degreasers

Purple Thunder, Mean Green, Big Red

  • Highly Effective at cutting grease and dirt

  • Super Concentrated for value

  • Bio-Degradable

  • Dilute with water

Wash & Detail

Friction Free 2, Sparkle, 1100

  • Professional Grade

  • Carwash Soaps  (Agitation & Tunnel Wash)

  • Interior Dressings

  • Tire Dressings

  • Leather Cleaners/Conditioner’s

  • Glass Cleaners

  • Trim Detailer

  • Gets your vehicle SHOWROOM ready!

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